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The Difference Between High and Low Performing Managers

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

September 13, 2018

EcSell Institute research shows that more than 50% of sales managers knowingly execute less than 48% of the high performance coaching activities that will drive the most sales. The result of this statistic is obvious; sales revenue is left on the table due to the sales manager’s lack of willingness to execute. 

For perspective, how would a President, CSO, EVP Sales, etc. respond to the above stats if they were applied to sales people?  What if they learned half of their sales people were doing only half of the activities that led to the best outcome? It would be unacceptable, heads would roll, yet in the sales leadership profession this double standard is unknowingly accepted because coaching performance is not measured. How much more would be sold if sales leaders fully committed and behaved like high performance coaches?

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High Performing Coaches in Athletics and Business

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

January 13, 2017

One of the EcSell Institute’s most renowned summit speakers, sports psychologist Dr. Peter Jensen, has often spoke about how athletics are the best laboratory for sales and sales management. He should know considering he is a coach for the Canadian Olympic team as well as a top-rated instructor in seven programs at the Queen's Smith School of Business, where he helped design the Queen's Executive Leadership Program. I thought about Peter this past Monday when preparing to watch the rematch of last year’s College Football Playoff Championship between Clemson and Alabama.

Allow me to state the obvious, effective coaching and leadership mean everything when it comes to high performing teams at all levels of athletics and business. Growing up and residing still in Lincoln Nebraska, Husker fans have been in search of a great head football coach since Tom Osborne retired many, many moons ago.

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The Complete Coach

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

September 8, 2016

When we interviewed I told them it might be challenging for me from an emotional perspective and it was. Two times that day I was challenged to maintain composure.

Sometime ago, Aspen, our Yellow Labrador, and I started the journey to do animal therapy. She seemed predisposed to this type of work due to her gentle soul and disposition. She is a happy, docile retriever who acts indifferently in the presence of other dogs, but her tail never stops when around people. So, Maddie, my youngest daughter, and I did all the appropriate training, took the classes, tested, applied for and were approved to take Aspen into nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. Due to Aspen’s acumen in the outdoors, I knew she was highly trainable and she again proved her intelligence by passing each drill on the first attempt.

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