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Sales Coaching: A Tale of a Savvy Sales VP

Posted by Sherri Daubert

November 6, 2014


Once upon a time, a savvy sales VP decided she wanted to improve her sales team performance by instilling a company culture of coaching.        A great coach surely would get her people all the latest and very best in sales methodology so she enlisted the aid of the finest sales trainers and consultants in all the land.   They trained, they learned, and the savvy sales VP even went so far as to get an app, where she and subsequently her managers could do on demand coaching with her people through their smart phones.    Very efficient, very techy and very cool.  

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8 Critical Sales Coaching Activities & The Missing Link

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

September 11, 2013

There are times in our sales leadership career when we have the opportunity to do something special, the chance to catapult our skills and also the skills of those with whom we work, and truly make a difference in the lives of those on our teams.

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How To Use LinkedIN to Sell

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

July 27, 2011

This question was asked by our members "How should I use LinkedIn for business as a Sales Manager and/or sales person?"  Following are some ideas on how you can use LinkedIn to help you sell. 

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Topics: innovative technology for sales departments, ideas for sales leaders

Part 2: Sales Managers & Social Media

Posted by Jaime Davis-Thomas

October 13, 2010

Posted by: Jaime Davis Thomas, Research Director, EcSELL Institute

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Topics: innovative technology for sales departments

Proven Sales Pipeline Management & Forecasting Best Practices WEBINAR

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

August 13, 2010

Posted by: Kristi Shoemaker, Marketing, EcSELL Institute

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Topics: Sales manager training, sales analytics & performance tracking, innovative technology for sales departments, sales coaching

Sales Management WEBINAR: “Technology for the 5 Steps of Sales ”

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 14, 2009

Ever wonder how successful high-growth companies incorporate innovative technologies into their sales channel strategy?

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Topics: technology for the sales process, sales management webinar, innovative technology for sales departments, sales channel strategy, professional development for sales management, Announcements

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