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Excuses vs. Challenges: Helping Reps Overcome Performance Obstacles

Posted by Sarah Wirth

May 11, 2016

All reps are confronted with obstacles as they work to achieve their sales goals. Sometimes they come in the form of a major competitor introducing an innovative new product. Sometimes they stem from an internal change like a territory being split into two. Sometimes they may be self-inflicted like a lack of focus leading to a drop in sales activity numbers. Regardless of what created the obstacle, when it does arise, reps may be tempted to use it as an excuse for not hitting their sales number. As sales managers, the question is "will we let them?"

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Leadership Challenge: OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE?

Posted by Kathy Collins

August 14, 2014

Winston Churchill famously once said:

It’s an age-old question…is the glass half full or half empty? What do you read when you read the sentence above?

Do you read OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE, or perhaps, OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE?  I’d like to think that on most days, and in most situations, I choose to answer the question, “my glass is half full.”  But it begs the follow-up question though as to how important is outlook in the overall end result as it relates to our professional success? Is it valuable enough to affect the bottom line? 

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Topics: Leadership challenges

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