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Sales Coaching Research: Why You Want Stress as a Sales Manager

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

May 17, 2016

Over and over we find in our data that top performing sales managers are viewed by their sales reps as leaders who are at their best when things get stressful. In other words, top sales managers are good at stress. But wait…stress is bad, right? In a recent whitepaper, we dove into the topic of stress and the impact it has on the sales leader role. [You can read the whole paper here] When we combine our research findings with guidance from experts on stress and performance, we start to see stress in a new way. In fact, stress takes on a role where it can have a positive role and be used to your advantage as a sales manager.

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Managing Your Energy to Achieve Your Sales Goal

Posted by Sarah Wirth

April 20, 2016

Dr. Peter Jensen dedicates his life to teaching coaches how to help their team members achieve their goals. Whether he’s in his role as a sports psychologist with the Canadian Olympic team or as a professor of sales management at Queens School of Business, he understands the complexities of coaching high performers. At our April EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit, he shared with us his strategies for coaching one of the most critical aspects of performance – energy management.

Have you ever had physical effects from feeling stressed before a big sales call or meeting? Maybe your palms got sweaty. Maybe your heart rate increased. Maybe your stomach did flip flops. In whatever way your nerves impacted you, you had to figure out a way to work through them in order to perform. Dr. Jensen asserts that like elite athletes, salespeople face “moments of truth” – that is, those moments when they are on stage and must perform – on a regular basis. And just like elite athletes, they must figure out how to manage their energy so they can perform at the peak level.

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Topics: sales coaching, managing stress

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