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7 Feedback Tips that Get Results with Gen Y

Posted by Dr. Karyn Gordon

March 8, 2016

Guest blog by 2016 Summit Speaker Dr. Karyn Gordon, CEO of DK Leadership

Recently I led an all day training session for a group of high performing Gen Y’s titled “Building A Leadership Presence”. In it, we focused on techniques for resolving workplace conflicts and giving /receiving feedback! After talking and reading their feedback, I learned that their favorite part of the day was learning the practical tools to give and receive feedback – a cornerstone for all successful leaders! Many of them said that they wished their managers were present so that they could also learn how to effectively give feedback to Gen Y. So here are the 7 tips I recommend for managers on how to give feedback that gets results with Gen Y.

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How to Manage Your Millennials

Posted by Anna Schott

November 7, 2014

There’s currently been a shift in the workplace. That shift began when what is usually referred to as Millennials, or sometimes called Generation Y, entered the workforce. Being born around 1982-1996 this generation was raised during a period where a different set of values toward work and life were created. These values differ from the previous generation such as an expectation for quick advancement and hopping from one organization to the next. Keep in mind this is also a generation who came of age during a financial crisis with a harsh economic climate and know the struggles that came with it.

Managing this generation can be a struggle but as the EcSell Institute firmly believes and proves to be true, nothing impacts performance more than coaching. Today it is true that sales managers must be equipped to deal with any generation within their team. Creating a team with different ages and backgrounds is advantageous and something to strive for when hiring, but these individuals also learn, act, work, communicate and understand things differently. They’re motivated differently so there needs to be less emphasis devoted to what sales people do or don’t do right as opposed to how each individual functions.

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Topics: Millennials, managing millennials, millennials in the workplace

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