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Mindfulness: The ABCs of Performance Improvement

Posted by Peter Jensen PhD

March 11, 2016

By 2016 Sales Coaching Summit presenter Peter Jensen PhD I Performance Coaching Inc. I

Astute sales leaders are well aware of the fact that their charges cannot perform at the highest level when they have to spend time, effort, and energy adjusting to the person they report to. Great leaders in any domain need to be incredibly self-aware and have the ability to manage themselves. It was coach John Wooden who suggested we manage ourselves so others do not have to. Learning to manage our energy is particularly important for sales leaders. What follows is a brief article on mindfulness and how it might help us in our endeavors to be more resilient aware leaders.

Mindfulness can be a hugely impactful performance and health enhancing skill. The challenge is how to apply it when typically the situations in which it would prove most useful are fast-moving, complex, pressure-filled events where the stakes are high and the outcome critical.

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Topics: sales leadership, Mindful coaching, Performance Improvement

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