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3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Motivate and Engage with Millennials

Posted by Anna Schott

April 11, 2016

Millennials. Some say they're entitled, lazy, unfocused, flighty, impatient, etc. Maybe you’ve used them to describe someone you know. But have you actually taken the time to decipher why millennials think and behave the way they do?

Dr. Karyn Gordon, a widely recognized expert for her work specializing with young people, specifically Gen Y and Z, was a keynote speaker at EcSell’s sales coaching summit last week and spoke on the topic of understanding, coaching and motivating those in Generation Y. 

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What Sales Reps Actually Want For Christmas

Posted by Anna Schott

December 1, 2015

Fun fact: The estimate amount of dollars spent on sales rep effectiveness comes to $20,000,000,000 while the amount of dollars spent on sales coaching effectiveness is too insignificant to measure. This seems all too contradictory since sales managers are far more accountable for revenue earned than the sales producer.

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Topics: sales manager coaching, sales manager development, sales coaching, sales rep motivation, Motivating Sales People

Re:Think Sales Coaching

Posted by Anna Schott

October 6, 2015

As I looked up the speaker lineup for this year’s TEDxLincoln I became extremely hopeful that I would come out of the day Re:Thinking my community, my work and my world like the theme suggested. It turns out I did and one speaker in particular made me think about our clients and other front line managers who understand and execute our sales coaching methodology as well as those who use our sales coaching cloud, ONE-UP .

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