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Motivating Sales Reps to Perform

Posted by Sarah Wirth

March 3, 2015

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges the sales managers face in leading their teams. We teach our sales reps the skills they need to be successful. We give them specific goals and make our expectations clear. We follow up with them to ensure that execution happens. We strive to do all the right things to motivate them to achieve. But still many of our team members don’t follow through. So what are we doing wrong? Why won’t our teams perform? Why aren’t they motivated to achieve?

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The Importance of Giving Thanks: How Gratitude Drives Effectiveness

Posted by Sarah Wirth

November 25, 2014

This time of year always reminds me to be thankful.   Thankful for my husband and our two beautiful sons. Thankful that I get to do work I love with bright people around me. Thankful for old friends far away and new friends close by. Thankful that I will get to spend the holidays with my family. Yes, Thanksgiving is always a great time to remember things for which you are grateful, but is giving thanks something you do regularly? If not, consider why you should.

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Make less decisions to create more motivation

Posted by Sarah Wirth

November 10, 2014

If you are a parent, you probably remember when your child started becoming independent. First, they wanted to feed themselves their own Cheerios. Next, they tried to pick out their own clothes. And then, they insisted on holding their toothbrush when cleaning their teeth. All these little steps along the way were so meaningful to them because they were becoming “big” and you saw the pride on their face when they were able to do something by themself. This drive that your child displayed early on is the same drive that also fuels grown-ups – to have ownership over things in their life.

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Do more and meet less

Posted by Sarah Wirth

October 10, 2013

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”  This adage was first
written by Cyril Northcote Parkinson in a 1955 essay, so it has come to be known as Parkinson’s Law.  It’s a relatively simple concept – that work will take as long as you allow it to take
– but one that is profound when you consider how true it is.  And I don’t think that there is any activity where Parkinson’s Law is more evident than business meetings. 

We all know the grind of having a calendar full of meetings.  There are so many important things on our to do lists – coaching our reps, responding to customer needs, putting together plans to grow our sales, etc. – that the last thing many of us want to do is sit through yet another hour long meeting.  Typically, that’s not because the information shared or things  discussed in business meeting are unimportant.  On the contrary, the content shared is typically very relevant to us and our work.  No, what frustrates us and makes us dread the meeting is that we also know that much of the time will be wasted on unnecessary discussions, debates and redundant information. Meetings per se are not bad, but how they are conducted often is.

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Put Your Team into Complexity: Leadership Lessons from Moneyball

Posted by Sarah Wirth

September 19, 2013

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Want to motivate your reps to perform? Just listen to them

Posted by Sarah Wirth

August 28, 2013

At EcSell Institute, we are constantly focused on learning more about the activities sales managers should be doing to better lead, coach and manage their reps.  Our members are facing numerous competing priorities, so figuring out which sales management activities have the biggest impact on the performance of their sales teams is essential.  To this end, we have been examining our Through the Eyes of the Rep survey results to understand the management activities with the highest correlation to reps’ motivation to sell more.

In examining correlations to increased sales rep motivation, we found three sales management activities with the biggest impact:  (1) effective one-to-one meetings between reps and their managers, (2) managers’ coaching of their reps’ selling skills, and (3) managers helping their reps reach their career goals.  In addition to these three sales management activities, we also found another important and surprisingly simple thing that sales managers can do to increase the motivation of their sales reps:  listen to them.  Listen to their ideas.  Listen to their concerns.  Listen to their goals.  Listen to their input.  Just listen.

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Formula for Sales Management Success

Posted by Sarah Wirth

July 16, 2013

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Sales Coach as a Title

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

June 12, 2013

Do you think that switching a title could have an impact a sales department’s performance – say switching from sales manager to sales coach? I do, and I have been lobbying for sales departments to make this change for years. However, late last week I actually crossed paths with a VP of Sales who made this change a few years back and obviously we quickly became fond of each other. Naturally I was curious about what led him to make that change and his response made perfect sense, to me at least. He said, “I told my team that most everyone can manage, but very few can coach” which I agreed, but asked him to elaborate. To be concise, he went into detail about how in his experience he has found that many sales managers are very good at monitoring and reporting their reps activities and results, but very few of them are actually very good at teaching and coaching their reps how to get better at the activities that lead to favorable results. Amen Brother.


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Developing Top Salespeople: Can Nurture Overcome Nature?

Posted by Sarah Wirth

May 9, 2013

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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Posted by Sarah Wirth

January 17, 2013

The new year is a time of renewal and positive energy for many of us.  We’ve just had the opportunity to spend time with friends and family and may have even taken a few days off work.  Save for the extra three or so pounds we’re now carrying around, we are feeling good, refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming year.  In our positive and hopeful mindset, many of us will make new year’s resolutions to improve ourselves personally and professionally.  In spite of our best intentions, however, most of our new year’s resolutions will fail.  If you want to be among the small percentage of people who actually achieve their resolutions this year, check out this Time Magazine article featuring the research of Changeology author, Dr. John Norcross, for some specific strategies on how you can stick to your resolution:

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