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Thanking People, Not CRMs

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

November 22, 2016

"At the upcoming annual company holiday party I can’t wait to thank my CRM system for all of my success this past year" . . .  a sentence that is likely to be said by a total of zero sales people in the next month and a half. 

Not because CRM systems are not important, but rather because they do little to nothing when it comes to motivating sales people. Likewise, you are not going to hear many reps stand up and thank their manager for their overwhelming product and industry knowledge. Again, not because these things are not important, but rather because they are not what research proves motivates sales people to drive performance. So what will sales reps thank for their success?

People! They will thank people!

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Sales Coaching: Mindset Number 3 of Superstar Coaches

Posted by Sherri Daubert

July 3, 2014

Mindset Number 4, last week showed us that superstar coaches are able to sit with uncertainty.   They don’t expect things to always go according to script and because of that they are more confident.   Here then according to Lisa Earle McLeod, is Mindset Number 3.

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Developing Top Salespeople: Can Nurture Overcome Nature?

Posted by Sarah Wirth

May 9, 2013

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Focusing on the mental game

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

April 4, 2013


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Identify An Opportunity

Posted by Kerstin Olson

January 9, 2013

This week we have talked with a number of sales leaders who seem to have an extra pep in their step. And why not – they have closed the books on their 4th quarter, spent some well-deserved time relaxing with their families during the holidays, and now, like countless others, they are looking for “resolutions” to become better people and professionals in 2013.  Will they? Possibly, but the cards are stacked against them. A study conducted by Richard Wiseman a few years back showed that New Year’s resolutions were destined to fail at a rate of 88%. Some of the reasons for this absurdly high failure rate according to Wiseman consisted of people making too many resolutions, not telling others their goals, and not putting enough thought into the change they truly wanted to commit to, amongst a few others.


Let’s focus on the first reason that Wiseman gives; making too many resolutions. To me, this makes perfect sense. If you are an executive sales leader this week, coming off of an extended vacation, you likely could sit down and identify a multitude of areas you would like yourself and your management team to improve this next year, but the problem is you are busy due to that same extended vacation and thinking about those opportunities for improvement can become overwhelming, especially given the hectic nature of you and your teams day to day responsibilities on the horizon. However, do  not let this overwhelming feeling stop you from taking the time to set at least one very important opportunity for development this next year. We see this best practice be very effective at the EcSELL Institute with our new members and it most always leads to more sales team performance. Below is a list of 5 proven methods our members have used to ensure personal development will take place this year.

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Very Random Questions for Sales Managers

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

December 6, 2012

Too many early mornings and late nights are causing me to think about so many things.  Some very pertinent to what we do with our members and the performance of sales teams, but others are very random.  Feel free to add to the list or answer some of these timeless questions.

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Sales Coaching and Parenting: Dont Miss the Gold With Either

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

September 16, 2012

I naively figured they would have the same interests as me.  My children would want to stay active with athletic activities year around.  Football, basketball, baseball during the appropriate seasons for my son; if I had a girl (I ended up with two) she would want to dance and if sports minded, basketball, softball and volleyball would get the call. 

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Sales Managers: Are you tracking your activity?

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

August 27, 2012

Sales analytics—I get a charge out of studying them.  If you allow them, they will paint you a picture, provide guidance and strategic direction, they will provide you the opportunity to be a more effective sales leader. 

Thinking about the above reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain “the man who does not read books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them”.  Just because you track analytics doesn’t make you better.  Just because you have the latest CRM or analytics software package doesn’t make your organization more productive.  It is the actions you take as a result of interpreting the data that will ultimately affect performance.

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Sales Management Lessons from an Olympic Coach

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

July 31, 2012

My wife loves the Olympics.  From the opening ceremonies to the closing, she will be glued to every race, jump, throw, dismount, moment of celebration and falling agony.  And, while the events are entertaining to me, what intrigues me most is rarely broadcast or discussed—the relationship of the coach to the athlete. 

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10 Barriers To Managerial Learning

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

June 6, 2012

Clinton Longenecker, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Excellence based at The University of Toledo, recently published his research finding that asked a sample of 230 managers from a cross section of 20 US service and manufacturing enterprises to answer the following research question: "Based on your experience, what are the primary barriers that prevent or damage a managers ability to learn?"

At the time of this study, all of the participants were from organizations that were experiencing significant organizational changes brought on by the current economic downturn.

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