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Sales Coaches: Put down the football!

Posted by Shirley Ramos

February 24, 2016

Many of us have watched our children compete on soccer and lacrosse fields. We have been to college football and hockey games, and have cheered to hoarseness for our favorite professional football organizations. Although our focus is on the players on the field, the coaches on the sidelines don’t go unnoticed.  They are seen pacing up and down the side of the field, sometimes yelling uncontrollably and can be spotted covering their mouths, fearful the cameras will read their plays on their lips. We expect passionate athletic coaches to scream, curse, get ejected from the game and, when successful, be doused in Gatorade. But we NEVER expect to see a coach run on the field, grab a uniform and play the game. Truly, no matter how many times Peyton might get sacked, Kubiak will never pick up a football and fall in as quarterback.

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