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A Day in the Life of the 2018 Coach of the Year, Curt Reekers

Posted by Anna Schott

August 8, 2018

I am a complete sucker when it comes to learning about how successful individuals become such high performers. I'm intrigued by their morning routines, their productivity hacks and what book(s) sit on their nightstand.
I even want to know what they eat for breakfast and if they listen to podcasts on their commutes. The worst is when they don't disclose WHAT podcasts they are listening to. I need all the details. 
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Sales Coaching: Enough Fluff-Time for Facts

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

May 27, 2016

It is happening. More and more I read about coaching on LinkedIn, articles in periodicals such as Forbes, other industry publications along with a plethora of sales consultants who scribe the virtues and benefits of coaching’s impact on sales. This is a positive series of actions for the authors who are bringing attention to what we all know—nothing elevates sales performance more than effective coaching.

However, considering everything I’ve read there is nothing that defines coaching in sales, little promoting research based (not opinion) coaching activities and behaviors that are proven to correlate to sales increases, and absolutely nothing that promotes measurement of coaching inputs and outcomes. Justifiably, everyone is saying “we need to coach more,” but we are left with words that have no meaningful definition or measurable outcome. Everyone knows managers impact performance, but sales leaders need to know what managers specifically do that most positively impacts sales results.

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How to Get a Sales Team to Sell More

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

May 24, 2016

Performance is a fascinating topic. Not because this is coming from our blog, but how to improve performance is a query everyone in a leadership role should continually ponder. After watching numerous sports teams under-achieve on the field or court I am reminded of how this transcends into sales and weaves its way into any team environment. Today I’m not in a capacity to fix my favorite sports teams, but am hopeful this post will help anyone in a sales leadership role begin to drive more sales.

Before I get to the strategy, know that the level of sales success you are achieving today is directly correlated to the performance culture you have created on your team. Most sales leaders are very willing to discuss why or why not their team is selling, but few focus on their culture as the cause. And, though culture is created and perpetuated by your entire team, it begins with the leader—you have no wiggle room, no blaming others. If you want your team to sell more, evolve the culture to one that is more high-performing.

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Sales Coaching is for the Fearless

Posted by Anna Schott

June 23, 2015

She didn’t even think twice or ask me to repeat the directions. She was determined, excited and up for the challenge. It wasn’t just the attention that she craved, but the feeling of accomplishment and an emerging confidence.

I’m describing my four-year-old niece that I had the chance to swim with this weekend. As a former lifeguard and swimming instructor, I know a thing or two about teaching children how to swim. It’s like riding a bike. I knew exactly how to use terms that she could relate to which allowed her to execute numerous strokes as well as learn new ones on the first try. Her capabilites for her age amazed me.

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