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You DO have time to coach... you just have to take it

Posted by Sarah Wirth

July 14, 2015

In talking with hundreds of sales managers, there are many reasons why they don’t spend more time coaching their sales teams. Sometimes they don’t know how to coach effectively. Sometimes they don’t know which coaching activities to do. Sometimes they don’t enjoy coaching as much as they enjoy other aspects of their work. Yes, there are certainly lots of reason for not coaching more. However, there seems to be one reason that I hear most often… “I don’t have enough time to do all this coaching.”

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Just Do It: The Importance of Sales Coaching

Posted by Sarah Wirth

April 30, 2014

At EcSell Institute, we have the honor of talking with sales managers day in and day out about the coaching of their sales teams. Based on hundreds of these kinds of conversations with sales managers, it’s clear that most sales managers have a good handle on the best practices that they SHOULD be doing to better develop their team members. 

One-to-one meetings, documented feedback on sales skills, de-briefing joint sales calls – all of these are among the most critical activities they believe help drive their team’s success.  Which is why most execute these activities to some degree.  However, most sales manager will also admit that they do not do these activities as consistently as they should and probably not as effectively as they could. So that begs the question, if most sales managers agree these activities are critical to their team’s success, why don’t they execute them well?

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