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The Problem With Sales Managers and Meetings

Posted by Anna Schott

December 26, 2014

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re ready to sit down and tackle the workday. You have your cup of coffee in one hand while the other hand starts attacking that over-stimulated inbox. You’re just about to respond to an email that takes priority when - -

your phone rings and you start answering questions when - -

a meeting reminder pops up on your computer screen so you get off the phone to head to the meeting and - -

your boss sneaks in to ask you to take on another project. You agree and get started on it and - -

the workday is over. What in the world just happened?

This is no unfamiliar story in the sales world. From meetings to prospecting to taking care of everyday business it’s no wonder that almost half the workweeks in a year are lost due to the amount of multitasking. The interesting thing about it is that time isn’t the problem. It’s how time is being managed.

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