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Re:Think Sales Coaching

Posted by Anna Schott

October 6, 2015

As I looked up the speaker lineup for this year’s TEDxLincoln I became extremely hopeful that I would come out of the day Re:Thinking my community, my work and my world like the theme suggested. It turns out I did and one speaker in particular made me think about our clients and other front line managers who understand and execute our sales coaching methodology as well as those who use our sales coaching cloud, ONE-UP .

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Fighting Nature: Can Coaching Help Reps Overcome Their Weaknesses?

Posted by Sarah Wirth

September 17, 2015

Like many parents, I noticed early on that my two children were very different, going all the way back to their infancy.  Our oldest son has always been thoughtful, serious and eager to please.  Our youngest son has always been playful, creative and marching to his own drumbeat.  Even though they’re only 15 months apart in age and are being raised at the same time in the same household, they are very different individuals.  So it’s obvious that it’s not just their environment that is making them who they are, they were simply born with different personalities.

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Motivating Sales Reps to Perform

Posted by Sarah Wirth

March 3, 2015

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges the sales managers face in leading their teams. We teach our sales reps the skills they need to be successful. We give them specific goals and make our expectations clear. We follow up with them to ensure that execution happens. We strive to do all the right things to motivate them to achieve. But still many of our team members don’t follow through. So what are we doing wrong? Why won’t our teams perform? Why aren’t they motivated to achieve?

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Topics: Motivation, coaching sales reps, sales rep motviation

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