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Sales Coaching Summit: It's Easy. I Like It.

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

May 5, 2015

I’m going to start using these five little words more often in my daily life:

It’s easy! I like it!

Can these words be life changing? After listening to Scott Bornstein’s kick-off talking to the 2015 EcSell Sales Coaching Summit in Scottsdale Arizona last night, I vote yes. Wait. That doesn’t quite convey my conviction here. I think it’s more accurate if I type YES!

Scott gave a fascinating talk centered on the power we each possess in our own brain, specifically when it comes to memory. Individuals with a good memory stand out in our world. They can command information in presentations and conversations. They make those around them feel important and valued when names are remembered. This power of memory can be grossly important in the sales world when client names and details can make or break us or make us stand out from competitors.

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