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Sales Manager Training: 4 Critical Elements to Performance

Posted by Kerstin Olson

October 31, 2013

Think for a moment about the amount of training and development that your organization provides sales people.  Now think about how much is provided to the sales leadership team.  My guess is you will find about a 10:1 ratio of time in favor of sales people—a sad reflection of how organizations treat their sales leadership. 

Sales people are not more critical than sales leaders and they certainly don’t have greater developmental needs.  Actually, I could argue, with supporting research that there is a bigger performance gap to close teaching sales managers how to coach versus teaching sales people how to sell. 

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7 Interviewing Techniques To Avoid

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

May 21, 2012

Job candidates make a lot of mistakes in interviews. That's bad—at least for a sales person hoping to get hired—but what's much worse is when you, as the interviewer, make one of the following seven mistakes. This article was published by Inc., and was written by Jeff Haden who is ghostwriting books for some of the smartest leaders he knows in business.

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5 Most Important Questions for a Sales Manager to Ask

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

April 11, 2012

Dave Kurlan, president of Objective Management Group, was a featured instructor at our spring Sales Coaching Summit. Dave continues to pioneer the sales assessment industry by providing EcSELL Institute members with crucial insights into sales force intelligence to ensure you can answer the “5 Most Important Questions”.  Here are the highlights from his Summit session.

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Sales Team Talent: Can Be Acquired By Hope or By Plan

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

March 7, 2012

When asked which of the EcSELL Institute’s 6 Pillars is most critical to sales team success, 97% of executive sales managers from across the country indicate the Identification and Acquisition of Talent as “extremely important” or “important”.  No big surprise.

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How Hiring a Sales Manager Can Be a Growth Strategy. Part Two

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

December 7, 2011

In a recent report, CSO Insights revealed some telling statistics that relate to the sales management function. More than 90% of companies have raised revenue targets – in many cases by over 25%.  This requires sales reps to be fully engaged in the extra effort that it will take to make successful sales. It also requires that the VP of Sales from growth-oriented companies know how to hire sales managers that can grow a sales team that will flourish during these economic conditions. Danita Bye, President of Sales Growth Strategies, shares further research on this subject in part two of this series.

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How Hiring a Sales Manager Can Be a Growth Strategy. Part One

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

December 5, 2011

With the DOW falling, consumer confidence dropping to the lowest level since 2009, and growing fears of a double dip recession, it’s more important than ever for EVP Sales to assess every role in their sales organizations. Each sales position must be laser focused on revenue production so that you can thrive in these unpredictable conditions, especially the sales management role. Danita Bye, President of Sales Growth Specialists, shares finding from a recent research study regarding the impact of making the right hiring decisions, in part one of a two part series.

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9 Steps in the Recruitment and Selection Process

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

October 4, 2011

Hiring the right sales person is critical. Done well, sales managers are able to focus their time and energy on development and coaching. Done poorly, you spend time dealing with problems. John Dieseth of Business Performance Group shared these nine steps for the sales person recruitment and selection process during an EcSell Institute Sales Coaching SummitHere's what John shared.

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How To Hire SuperStar Sales Talent

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

October 4, 2011

Andy Miller of Andy Miller International Inc. taught the attendees at the Fall 2011 Pre-Summit 6 Pillars of Sales Productivity Workshop how to hire superstar sales talent.  Here are several top sales people recruitment tips from his session on the Talent Identification and Acquisition Pillar.

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Hiring the Right Sales Manager – a key strategic move

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 16, 2011

With the DOW falling 2.2% last week, consumer confidence dropping to the lowest level since 2009, and growing fears of a double dip recession, it's more important than ever for business leaders to assess every key role in their organizations to ensure that they not only survive, but will be able to thrive under these unpredictable conditions.  Danita Bye, President of Sales Growth Specialists and EcSELL Institute Pillar Partner, shares her views on how to hire the right Sales Manager.

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Topics: executive sales management, partners, talent identification & acquisition

5 Main Dysfunctions of a Sales Team

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 2, 2011

On Monday, Tony Cole, was our featured instructor at our monthly sales mangement webinar series. Tony shared best practices to address the five most common dysfunctions of a sales team. Here are a few highlights from the webinar.  Leave a comment with your name and email and we will send you a copy of the ppt deck.

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