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Introduce The Growth Rings in Your Next Team Meeting

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

July 15, 2019

Top-notch team leaders and coaches know that team development meetings are important to building cohesive, high-performing teams. They can be a great way to step away from daily grind activities and focus on often neglected, yet extremely critical work-impacting, topics such as:

  • Developing strategies and work plans
  • Creating shared goals
  • Communicating and building relationships
  • Discovering and shaping (and even repairing) team dynamics 
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5 Ideas to Improve Your Team Meetings

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

June 19, 2018

Previous research by the EcSell Institute has established that top performing sales managers hold team meeting with their sales team on a consistent basis. In addition to suggesting that consistency is important, this research also indicates that the optimal frequency for holding team meetings is monthly.

In this extended white paper we further explore this research by adding an examination of the impact of sales coaching performance on sales rep perception of team meeting value. This deeper look into team meetings adds critical clarity to the impact of team meetings on sales reps and what current sales managers can be doing to increase the effectiveness of their role.

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How Often You Should Meet With Your Sales Reps: The “Just Right” Approach

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

February 26, 2016

Remember that oldie-but-goodie of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? You know, the one where Little Red Riding Hood goes through a series of items where each is too much of one thing but not enough of another only to find that there is a “just right” to each? As part of our continued research into what makes top performing sales manager effective, we have found that there is also a “just right” amount when it comes to meeting with your sales reps.

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Sales Management Best Practice: How to Make Team Meetings Worthwhile

Posted by Sarah Wirth

June 25, 2014

Team meetings… just the term itself can elicit a groan from sales reps.  It conjures up images of boring powerpoints and a sales manager droning on endlessly about pipeline reports or new product specs. The reps know they’re supposed to be paying attention, but really, they’re just itching to talk to the customer that emailed them ten minutes ago.  So, how can a sales manager capture the attention of sales reps that would rather be anywhere else but the meeting?  We will explore how team meetings can become engaging, interactive and informative so reps see them as critical to their learning and success.

First, we will examine why team meetings are important to the success of a sales team.  Next, we will discuss the most significant reasons why team meetings fail and what you can do differently.  Finally, we will talk about specific ways to make your team meetings more effective.   

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