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    What Sales Managers Actually Want For Christmas

    by Anna Schott / December 13, 2016

    What Sales Managers Actually Want For Christmas Square.pngThis blog is a follow up to a blog I wrote last year at this time called “What Sales Reps Actually Want For Christmas” which was inspired by one of our newest findings from our research about the impact managers have when applying positive pressure. 

    The blog essentially boils down to the one thing that sales reps want for Christmas: coaching. Sales reps want and crave coaching from their managers. It drives motivation and productivity and ultimately more sales.  

    In that "spirit", I though I’d share some of the responses we received from our recent survey asking managers what their manager/leader could improve on regarding his or her sales coaching skills. This is done through EcSell’s “Through the Eyes of the Sales Manager Survey” which is a cutting-edge research tool to help an organization assess the quality of its sales managers’ leadership. With the results, the EcSell Institute works with organizations to identify strength areas and areas for growth specifically geared toward that organization’s survey results. 

    Here are some of the most recurring opened ended responses from managers, directed toward their manager, we've recently received:

    • "More 1:1 time."  
    • "More communication."
    • "Spend more time with me." 
    • "Become more involved . . . " 

    So what we have here is not too dissimilar as to what we’ve found from our sales rep survey. Both crave very similar interactions: more coaching. Managers crave the same type of coaching they give their sales reps. That being said, it’s important that the authority in any situation (work, family, committees, teams) understand the importance and privilege him or her has to lead by example. 

    Why? Because if managers are required to learn and implement a coaching methodology initiated by their managers, there’s more resistance to follow through with the coaching methodology if they are not experiencing any level of coaching from those enforcing it. For example, if an organization's executive team refuses to believe in the importance sales coaching has on sales team performance, it’s much harder (and sometimes impossible) to drive a coaching initiative from the top down. 

    WATCH: The ROI of Sales Coaching  

    Organizations who have leaders eager to drive our ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process have seen increased sales, lower turnover and a more productive, enjoyable work culture. These leaders not only drove the program, but embodied a true sales coach by exhibiting coaching interactions they encourage their managers to perform. 

    So there you have it folks. What managers actually want for Christmas, or anytime of the year quite frankly, is coaching!

    It's not rocket science. It's just human nature. 

    - - -

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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