Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

A Sales Coaching Conference

This annual sales management training seminars are focused on leadership and catalytic coaching.  This 1.5 day conference is the most highly attended of our learning programs.  Each Summit will challenge the way sales leaders think about team performance.  World renowned instructors will present their coaching and leadership research, findings, experiences and help attendees apply them to their respective teams.  Attendees are entertained, humbled, challenged and taught to think and respond differently to an ever evolving, complex business environment.

Keynote sessions, breakouts and networking are all involved to provide a plethora of learning environments.  Sales leaders from pharma, agriculture, aviation, high tech, consumer goods, financial services and many more have and continue to attend the Sales Coaching Summit.

The Summit is designed for EVP Sales, VP Sales, regional managers, sales ops, sales training, learning and development or anyone who is accountable for coaching/leading a sales team.

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