Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

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The EcSell Institute was founded on research and continues to thrive on it. Executive sales leaders from across the country seek our proven coaching methodology because it was created from people like you wanting to understand how sales managers can be the linchpin to your organization’s success.

Dig into some of our research-driven content throughout this page and many others. If you don’t find what you’re looking for we probably have something in the archives that will solve your pain point. Serving sales leaders like yourself is what we do best.

Have you been following our weekly "Monday Management Minute" video segments on sales coaching tips, research and best practices? Check a few out here:

"Coaching is Coaching - no matter the industry"

"Never View Yourself as a Finished Product"

"Don't Let External Forces Influence Greatness" (Crowd favorite)

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Our research proves that "coaching" is the key to increased rep performance.

And to coach most effectively, your sales managers need to know:

- what to do and

- how to do it

EcSell equips sales leaders with the knowledge, research and best practice tools to increase coaching acumen. These resources are used by our clients and have been shown time and time again to positively impact their sales. We are delighted that you want to equip yourself and others to become better sales coaches and encourage you to take advantage of these proven resources.

Take a look at some of our most popular Sales Coaching Content:


Sales Coaching e-books


"Sales Performance Made Simple: Three Drivers of Effective Coaching" 

This eBook is designed for sales leaders who want and need to evolve in this ever-changing business world. It will detail why "managing" is an archaic approach and how coaching is the only way to maximize growth.

"Sales Coaching: No Longer a Soft  Skill"

This ground breaking e-book shares with readers how to execute something that until now has eluded every sales department, a method for measuring coaching quantity and quality.  Never again do sales departments have to guess how managers impact sales—it can now be measured.        

White Papers

Sales Coaching White Paper



"Coaching Measured"

Sales departments are not closing the sales manager information and performance gap.  This “gap” has prevented sales teams from realizing their full potential in sales.  If you believe the performance of a sales team is a reflection of how the team is coached, then MANAGER coaching metrics are needed.

"Men vs. Women in Sales Coaching and Leadership Roles"

In this white paper, we explore the differences between female and male sales managers, and how their unique collective strengths impact their interactions with their sales team.

"Applying Positive Pressure" 

Through our continued research on behaviors of high impact sales managers, we’ve found that through the catalytic factor sales managers can create a positive environment for their reps that promotes personal and professional growth, higher levels of performance and sales growth.

 ONE-UP Coaching Cloud

ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud


"ONE-UP Descriptor"

Coaching and management are not soft skills, but ones that when properly executed and measured, produces hard metrics and performance improvement information. There are five high payoff activities that sales leaders must execute against consistently and effectively in order to maximize their sales team performance. When they do big things occur - last year EcSell Institute clients were up 28% in new sales growth. Your management team can do the same.


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With EcSell Institute’s sales coaching content, you can empower your sales management team to execute the proven coaching methodology and techniques that will take your productivity and sales performance to the next level.

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