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The EcSell Institute was founded on research and continues to build upon that research after analyzing over 75,000 documented coaching interactions. Below you'll find some of our most in-depth findings yet. 

Sales Coaching E-Book
Sales Coaching: No Longer a Soft Skill
Measuring the impact of the manager on sales team performance 
Measuring Coaching Performance
Coaching Measured
Sales leaders are missing 50% of critical performance data without this vital performance metric 
Sales Growth Opportunities
Sales Growth Activity Grid

Learn about the today's biggest information gap sales departments are missing out on 

Sales Coaching Trends
A Disturbing Sales Leadership Trend
What you thought was the solution is actually the symptom
Best Practice
The 5 High Payoff Coaching Activities
The 5 High Payoff Coaching Activities
These are the activities proven to grow sales when done at the right frequency and quality 
Impact of Sales Coaching
Client Case Study
What the real-life impact of sales coaching can do to sales results.
Case Study
Sales Coaching Tracking System
The ONE-UP Coaching Cloud
Learn why tracking managers' coaching activities is critical to an organization's success
Low Performing Manager Research
The Cost of (De)Motivating Sales Managers
Learn how much money organizations are losing by keeping their low performing managers 
Sales Coaching Quantity and Quality
Coach More, Coach Better

What the best managers do differently with their teams to achieve higher results 

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