COaching Education


    The percentage of managers who have never been educated on how to coach and how much to coach. If a sales department believes high performing managers will cause their sales people to sell more, then there is an obligation to teach them how.  Research and the science of performance needs to be learned and of course the high impact coaching activities need to be explained in detail.
    Sales Coaching Academy 

    When an organization partners with EcSell, its front-line leaders are educated on all of this through an intensive day and half academy. They will learn more about coaching than they have in their entire management career. Managers can expect to learn about the impact of coaching on sales performance, principles of the sales performance equation, management processes, leadership culture and catalytic coaching. 

    Managers can expect to learn about the impact of coaching on sales performance, the principles of the sales performance equation and how to effectively execute against these five high payoff coaching activities


    Service Steps

    Our methodology is broken down into four simple steps proven to show significant impact on an organization's sales growth year after year. Here are the key steps we help you execute. 


    Our cutting-edge survey gives executive sales leaders a benchmark that allows insight into how well (quality), and how often (quantity), their sales managers are coaching by asking the organization’s sales reps to provide feedback on their experiences with their front-line manager.


    This is your unique coaching playbook which ensures that the education and training just learned is on-going and reinforced. Without this effective follow-up strategy, your money and time spent on measuring and educating your front-line leaders is wasted.


    The ONE-UP coaching cloud provides sales leaders a highly scalable way to implement and track coaching effectiveness of the manager. Tracking activities that are known to improve sales gives managers clear guidance on what they are doing well and what they can improve on. 


    Just because coaching activities are occurring and being tracked (quantitative coaching), doesn't indicate they are being done well (qualitative coaching). As a result, objective coaching quality measurements will be taken as often as quarterly to assist in the development and growth methodology.

    Sales Coaching Research
    The research behind the impact of the 5 high payoff coaching activities - - - >