Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Sales Coaching Events

Real world, relevant ideas and concepts that will elevate you and your sales team to the next level.

“Each time I attend an EcSell event, the amount of executable, timely things I can use by me and my team is amazing.” - VP of Sales           

Attending an EcSell coaching event will not only give you a fresh, new approach on sales coaching, but also give you actionable plans that you can start implementing today to reach peak performance levels and increase sales. Sales leaders will gather in Las Vegas this April where they will have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders across the country who will bring fresh approaches and engaging discussions.

Whether it is one of our Sales Coaching Academies or our annual Sales Coaching Summit, you can expect new sales management best practices, the latest in leadership behaviors and innovative coaching techniques.

Watch this short video that kicked off a previous Sales Coaching Event.

Which coaching event is right for you?
  • The Sales Coaching Academy is not just a training event, but an event that teaches new management processes, disciplines, and hands-on learning opportunities. The day-long program includes workshop-like learning experiences by using real world examples to ensure that participants come away with tools, best practices and strategies to begin improving their coaching process immediately.

    “The EcSell team provides a significant value-add experience for sales leaders of all types of sizes of organizations. I have never left a Summit experience without having to think about new ideas and approaches to leadership and coaching but more importantly with very actionable ideas. Keep doing what you are doing!” - VP of Sales

    These Academies are intended for those directly responsible for the coaching, development and performance of sales producers or those whose responsibilities include coaching, development and the performance of front-line sales managers (coaching coaches).

    Check out the Sales Coaching Academy 1 and Sales Coaching Academy 2 agendas, speakers and registration information by clicking below:

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    Our annual Sales Coaching Summit, our largest learning program, is for those accountable for coaching or leading a sales team as well as anyone who has any educational involvement with a sales team. The Coaching Summit presenters are world-renowned thought leaders in the fields of coaching, leadership and sales team performance.

    Attendees will hear and learn how to apply the latest fact based solutions that propel individuals and teams to the highest levels of performance. Take a look at this year’s world-renowned speakers, agenda, hotel information and more by clicking below:

  • What previous Summit attendees have said: 

    "Real world, relevant training and ideas that will help me take my team to the next level."

    "A fun, educational and engaging event." 

    "This event reminded me that my best work is just around the corner."

    "Being immersed in fresh approaches to sales coaching and surrounded by thought leaders has been an incredibly productive use of time."

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