Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are clients of the EcSell Institute?

A. The EcSell Institute works with sales leadership teams across the globe representing a plethora of different industries. They range from agriculture to insurance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, information services and many more. Revenues range from 10’s of millions up to multiple billions (with sales department head count of 10 to 1,000). What is most endemic to our clients is they have sales leaders who realize that sales growth begins with themselves.


Q. What makes the EcSell Institute different from other sales training companies?

A. First, EcSell does not do sales training, we specialize and only work with sales leaders. Second, we educate & train management teams to a customized coaching process, provide management performance tracking, coaching effectiveness metrics, and continual coaching development programs. Simply stated, our most unique differentiator is that we measure coaching quantity and quality and correlate it to sales team results.


Q. What is the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud?oneupsquarepwd-TM.png

A. ONE-UP is EcSell’s proprietary cloud based technology that provides sales leaders a way to implement & track coaching effectiveness as well as a managers impact on sales team results—this is the technology that allows coaching performance to become a hard metric. Training & implementation of this tool is critical to client performance and is included with every client engagement. 


Q. Our organization is unique, can EcSell still help us?

A. Because every client sells in a unique way, the way they coach should also be unique. Also, each client is a unique business, which is why we tailor our engagement with each client organization. We get to know you, your goals and customize what we do to fit your culture, market and growth objectives.


Q. Do you work with only front-line managers or all levels of the sales leadership team?

A. EcSell works with all levels of sales leaders throughout our entire working relationship. Sales growth and improvement starts at the top and it is critical executive leaders support the needed shift in thinking and behaviors. EcSell consistently provides all sales leaders with data showing manager effectiveness, coaching metrics and specific recommendations for growth.



Q. Our managers are so busy, will they be able to execute more coaching activities?

A. No, not if that attitude is enabled. For our working relationship to be most successful, sales leaders need to believe that high performance coaching and the related activities and behaviors--is the job. Being too busy is not an excuse to do what is proven to drive the most sales from a team.


Q. How does EcSell help our front-line managers drive more performance from their teams?

A. Front line managers will now understand how to most impact the sales people who report to them. They will have a disciplined coaching methodology, a process that focuses on what research shows are the high pay-off coaching activities and tools that drive the most from sales producers. This coaching methodology will be measured for implementation and effectiveness, but most importantly the EcSell member services team works monthly with your sales leaders to provide specific coaching improvement recommendations.



Q. How would we begin working with EcSell?

A. Once all your goals are understood and questions are answered, you say “let’s go.” A “Letter of Agreement” will need to be signed, a “kick-off” call will be set between our two teams, and from there we plan and document your next 12-36 months of coaching improvement. EcSell’s culture is to work with a sense of urgency, but will move at a pace that is comfortable for each sales department.


Q. How long does our work with EcSell last?

A. The initial Letter of Agreementwith our members can range from 1-3 years. But, regardless of the terms, 96% of EcSell clients choose to renew when the initial term has expired, for they realize the need to continually improve and measure coaching effectiveness never expires.


Q. How much does it cost to work with EcSell?

A. The investment an organization makes into their sales leadership team can vary depending on scope of work, number of managers, etc., but EcSell charges on a “per manager” basis. There is also a one time set-up fee that reflects our initial work to customize the Coaching Cloud to fit the unique needs of each client.

What should we expect for our ROI?

A. What would you like it to be? Clients determine their growth goals and a coaching program is established with that in mind. Coaches ultimately determine how their teams perform, so a more logical question may be “how much of a difference does great coaching make?” (more on this topic found here.) EcSell’s most recent study shows the top 20% of high performing sales coaches drive over $4,000,000 more revenue from their teams. So, how many managers do you have that can drive more revenue?


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