Sales Coaching Implementation

COaching Implementation

    30 Days

    You have 30 days to reinforce the training and education you provide your managers in order to change behaviors and retain what was learned. That said, a plan of ongoing implementation for your managers should be created that promotes an evolution of coaching development as opposed to a revolution. To teach them only once and expect needed change is a naive development process. 
    We are more than just a "Training Organization" 
    • We are your personal coaches and will help your leadership team implement the five high payoff coaching activities each month with the support and involvement of the coach's coach, an outside partner, or both. 
    • What we've witnessed at EcSell is that coaching activities not only need to be implemented over time, but coaching concepts need to be frequently reinforced to make the most impact. 

    Service Steps

    Executing our methodology is proven to show significant impact on an organization's sales growth year after year. Here are the key steps we help you execute during our working relationship. 


    Our cutting-edge survey gives executive sales leaders a benchmark that allows them the access into how well (quality), and how often (quantity), their sales managers are coaching by asking the organization’s sales reps to provide feedback on their experiences with their front-line manager.


    EcSell will lead an academy with your team's front-line leaders where they will learn more about coaching than they have in their entire management career. Managers will leave with a deeper understanding about the impact of coaching, the activities proven to grow sales and coaching best practices.


    The ONE-UP coaching cloud provides sales leaders a highly scalable way to implement and track coaching effectiveness of the manager. Without tracking the activities known to drive sales, managers have no way of knowing how to improve. 


    Just because coaching activities are occurring and being tracked (quantitative coaching), doesn't indicate they are being done well (qualitative coaching). As a result, objective coaching quality measurements will be taken as often as quarterly to assist in the development and growth methodology.

    Sales Coaching Fluff
    Tired of reading the fluff out there about "sales coaching"? Us too. 
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