Sales Coaching.
It's No Longer a Soft Skill


Coaching when not measured becomes a soft skill. Coaching objectively measured is a vital leadership performance metric. Which means never again do sales departments have to guess how managers impact sales — it can now be measured.  
This white paper is not about how to coach, which is what you might expect from EcSell Institute. This is about closing the information gap so that leaders, coaches, businesses, and athletic institutions are aware of the effectiveness their leaders and coaches possess. Not knowing this prevents and limits the performance of their respective teams.
You'll also learn about: 
  • The data gap that exists between employees and managers/leaders
  • What data is needed to show the effectiveness of managers
  • How to obtain the right performance coaching data
  • The effect of quantifying a manager's coaching effectiveness 
Hidden Performance Metrics


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Founded in 2008, the EcSell Institute is known as the only organization that measures the impact coaching effectiveness has on employee performance. Since then, EcSell has collected and researched over 150,000 documented coaching interactions and works with a myriad of businesses, athletic teams, and school systems to ensure employees, athletes, and students are receiving research-backed coaching to achieve maximum performance.

Bill Eckstrom

Author: Bill Eckstrom, CEO of EcSell Institute

Bill is known as the world's foremost authority in metric-based performance coaching and growth. He founded EcSell Institute in 2008 to help executive leaders, sales managers, athletic coaches, teachers, and more to master how coaching done correctly is the #1 enhancer of performance. His bestselling book, The Coaching Effect, was written to bring EcSell's mission to more people.