Nothing Impacts Performance More Than Coaching

E-book - Sales Coaching: No Longer a Soft Skill

by Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth

This e-book, which is an extension of our first Sales Coaching E-book, captures the most fundamental and often overlooked activities and behaviors of high performing sales managers. 

EcSell’s Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth take readers on a deep dive into the science of coaching’s impact on sales results and provide a step-by-step coaching methodology that every sales team can implement. 

This ground breaking e-book also shares with readers how to execute something that until now has eluded every sales department, a method for measuring coaching quantity and quality.  Never again do sales departments have to guess how managers impact sales—it can now be measured.

Here’s what’s included:Sales Coaching E-book 2.0

  • Introduction: What does it feel like to be coached by you?
  • Chapter 1: The Sales Manager Needs More Love                                  
  • Chapter 2: A Bit on Coaching Research                                    
  • Chapter 3: Coaching Not Measured is a Soft Skill                  
  • Chapter 4: The Coaching Methodology: A New Process for Success   
  • Chapter 5: The High Performance Sales Coaching Activities    
  • Chapter 6: Coaching Quantity + Coaching Quality = Quota  
  • The Close