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EcSell's two-day, largest learning program attracts leaders from across the world who are looking for ways to think differently about how they coach, lead or manage their teams in this ever evolving, complex world.

The presenters are world-renowned thought leaders in the fields of coaching, leadership, psychology, development and team performance.

Attendees will learn how-to apply the latest fact based solutions that propel individuals and teams to the highest levels of performance. 

Find the agenda here

Check out the award winners from last year's Summit  who are proof of the impact the Coach has on team performance. 

2016 Award Winners

Scott Hunter

"The Mindset of an Inspiring Sales Leader

  • How-to discover why being an effective listener is key to your success as a leader

  • The key distinctions that will enable you to be a great coach through practical techniques you can start implementing today

  • A powerful tool to use to transform the quality of all of your relationships, both at work and at home 


Dan Miller

"Maximizing Workplace Wellness" 

  • The importance of protecting the 6 most influential areas of your health - otherwise known as your biggest asset

  • The merge of science-based concepts, caveman DNA, and real-world implementable steps to help you start protecting your health within your stressful role

  • How-to reduce work stress, increase team effectiveness and focus, improve family life, and more


Stephanie Shipper

Polishing Leaders Into Diamonds” 

  • Equip you with an accurate, quick assessment of your own and other's negotiation strategies

  • Provide strategies for using conflicts to build bridges to trusting, high integrity relationships.   

  • Teach pragmatic exercises in Profiling and Negotiating, utilizing the customers/potential employees position of strength/weakness

PFM Logo.png

Jack Riggins Dr. Larry Widman of Performance Mountain

"The Art and Science of Elite Performance" 

  • Owning your space, and the MENTAL skills training (MST) of elite sales leaders
  • Understanding the science and real-world application of MST 
  • Cultivating organizational TRUST whether it be in the military, sports or business 
  • Learning about the art of leading through communication 
Thomas Cates.png

Thomas Cates

"Mind the Gap" 

  • By “minding the gap” and bringing client perceptions to the forefront, you will learn how your organization can . . . 
    • lower churn
    • expand your current client relationships
    • coach your salespeople to drive maximum organic growth – no matter the market." 
Will Kloefkorn
"The Ultimate Relationship"
  • How our relationships are tied to our own happiness and why that matters to you
  • Why trusting relationships allow you to ask more of the right questions to accurately diagnose the cause, and not the symptom, of an issue
  • How improving one vital relationship can change your life

What you should know about our speakers . . .  

It's no secret that the front-line leaders in any organization have highly stressful, pressure-filled jobs. Though many leaders claim they have balance, their health and well-being are showing differently. Why does this matter? Because without understanding the interconnectedness of the body and mind, no sales leader will ever reach his or her top performing level which we know correlates to the quality and quantity of coaching activities. 

This year's selection of speakers were chosen with the topic of "becoming complete" in mind. Get ready to peel back the layers and rebuild yourself into #TheCompleteCoach.  Find the complete agenda here

Speed learning . . . 

Another speed learning session will be implemented yet again at this year's Summit. Not only will you get more time with our speakers and the EcSell team members, but also the ability to break out into small groups throughout the event to  help solve the problems that you face which stand in the way of you becoming #TheCompleteCoach

Past Summit Speaker

What You can expect: 

A career boosting, professional growth event filled with world renowned, mind stretching instructors and attendees who will challenge the way you lead and coach to achieve the highest performance levels.Attendees will take part in keynote sessions, breakouts and networking, all designed to educate and train on the latest performance strategies.

Who should attend?

  • - Anyone with the desire to grow and develop themselves
  • - Anyone who is accountable for coaching or leading a team
  • - Thought leaders in the coaching/management arena 

Our Sponsor:

After researching the effectiveness of customer experiences, salesEQUITY became the leading force on why surveys that assess customer satisfaction do a poor job of measuring the relationships between companies and their customers on a 1:1 basis. 

Through salesEQUITY’s Client Engagement Solution, organizations can reach sales goals more easily by gaining more up-selling or cross-selling opportunities while saving hundreds of millions of dollars per year in marketing and customer acquisition costs. 

Transparent PNG-01.png

Your Personal Development Experience

Miramonte Resort Pool
Your Stay

The Miramonte Resort & Spa is a purely unique, tranquil four-diamond resort with boutique-like style and classic sophistication. As one of the premier resorts in Indian Wells, you’ll be transcended into one of the most scenic areas at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

With spacious accommodations, meetings spaces and service, you will be able to enjoy this learning opportunity in the proverbial oasis in the desert of Indian Wells, California.

*The registration fee DOES NOT include your stay, but will provide you with the EcSell room block link after registering here

Indian Wells Golf Resort
Annual Golf Outing

The Indian Wells Golf Resort is a 36-hole course ranked in the Top 25 "Best Municipal Courses in the United States" by Golfweek Magazine. Most of the holes are oriented to take full advantage of jaw-dropping views of the San Jacinto, Santa Rosa and San Bernardino mountain ranges and majestic Eisenhower Mountain stands sentinel to the south.

Join the EcSell team and Summit attendees by partaking in some healthy competition with this annual golf outing at this stunning Golf Resort.  Just make note of your participation when registering.

Airport Options to Indian Wells, CA

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 12.11.23 PM.png

The nearest options include:

15 miles: Palm Springs, CA (PSP / KPSP) Palm Springs International Airport - 30 minute drive

87 miles: Ontario, CA (ONT / KONT) LA/Ontario International Airport - 1 hour 30 minute drive

92 miles: Imperial, CA (IPL / KIPL) Imperial County Airport -  1 hour 45 minute drive

138 miles: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Los Angeles International - 2 hour drive 


Past Speakers

Peter Jensen Ph.D.

Simon T. Bailey

Amar Sheth

Peter Jensen, Ph.D I Performance Coaching I Las Vegas 2016 Simon T. Bailey I Inspiring Brilliant Action I Las Vegas 2016 Amar Sheth I Sales for Life I Scottsdale 2015

Clint Longenecker

Lisa Earle McLeod Erik Thompson
Clint Longenecker I University of Toledo I Scottsdale 2015 Lisa Earle McLeod I McLeod & More, Inc.I Charlotte 2014 Erik Thompson I Thompson Leadership Development, Inc. I Chicago 2013
Lowell Catlett, Ph.D.   JP Pawliw-Fry
Lowell Catlett, Ph.D. I Futurist & EconomistI Austin 2012   JP Pawliw-Fry I The Institute of Health and Human Potential I San Francisco 2009 

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