Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Sales Coaching Webinars

Every month EcSell Institute delivers high impact, 20 minute webinars that are designed to help our members drive more sales performance.  Below are some examples of our most recent coaching webinars.

  • Keys to Successfully Onboarding a New Sales Rep  EcSell_Webinar_ICONS__NEW-02
    • Onboarding shouldn’t be just about the logistics of making sure a rep has the training, information and tools they need, it’s also about bringing them into your culture effectively.  This mini-webinar outlines the key points to consider and plan for when onboarding a new sales rep so that they are quickly aligned with your sales team.

  • What Your Sales Reps Can’t Tell You  EcSell_Webinar_ICONS__NEW-02
    • When sales reps are asked directly what their managers can do to motivate them or help them perform better, they often have difficulty pinpointing what they need. This mini-webinar shares what your reps can’t tell you about how you can better drive and coach them to achieve their sales goals.

  • Hiring Top Talent:  Five Essential Tips to an Effective Interview  EcSell_Webinar_ICONS__NEW-02
    • Hiring great sales talent is the first step in creating a high performance team.  Indeed, if you don’t surround yourself with talent, your coaching will not have nearly the impact you want it to have.  This mini-webinar teaches the key aspects of conducting an interview that will increase your odds of making a good hiring decision.

  • Five Steps for Effective Coaching Feedback  EcSell_Webinar_ICONS__NEW-02
    • Coaching a rep’s selling skills is one of the highest return activities a sales manager can do.  That is, effective sales skills coaching is highly correlated with increased rep performance.  This mini-webinar shares the five key steps of delivering high impact feedback to reps to improve their execution of the sales process.