Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Your Pathway to Sales Growth

Becoming an EcSell Institute client means you are joining a community of thought leaders who are willing to support and drive their sales management team to take the necessary steps to becoming a better coach, leader and motivating force.

Sales leadership teams across the country have taken the steps outlined below and have seen sustainable and favorable sales growth with our sales growth pathway.

EcSell will coach and lead you through these stages, because as we know, reinforcement is critical when implementing change within an organization.

Here’s how we will help you execute our sales growth pathway:


Sales Growth Pathway


STAGE 1: Client Onboarding

In this stage, we learn about your goals for your sales coaching improvement process and work with you to lay the groundwork for our first year of partnership.

Important steps include:

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             Sales Coaching Onbard 
              Sales Coaching Measurement 

STAGE 2: Measurement

In the second stage, we measure your current sales coaching culture so we can establish a baseline for growth and better target education to address gaps in your managers’ coaching skills.

Important steps include:

  • Administration of the Through the Eyes of the Rep survey
  • Survey feedback to leadership and individual sales managers

White paper on this measurement peice found here.

STAGE 3: Education

This stage provides your sales managers with the foundational knowledge of ONE-UP sales coaching principles and processes, including the five critical ONE-UP coaching best practices and the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud.

Important steps include:

  • Education on the why, what and how of ONE-UP sales coaching
  • Overview of the five critical coaching best practices and how to execute them effectively

Learn what these five critical coaching best practices are by checking out this EcSell blog post.

               Sales Coaching Education
                Sales Coaching Implementation 

STAGE 4: Implementation

During stage four, we work with your sales managers to implement the five critical coaching best practices one by one. It takes time to build knowledge and consistency, so we stage our implementation process as an evolution not a revolution.

Important steps include:

  • Ensure the managers’ ability to execute the five critical coaching best practices
  • Utilization of the ONE-UP sales coaching cloud to drive coaching quantity and quality

Learn why coaching quality and quantity matter when executing the five critical coaching best practices in this white paper.

STAGE 5: Track and Analyze

In our final stage, we begin analysis of your ONE-UP sales coaching cloud data to provide insights into how well and how often coaching is now occurring. Most importantly, we show how your managers’ coaching is impacting their teams’ performance. Important steps include:

  • Delivery of monthly or quarterly ONE-UP sales coaching reports
  • Senior leadership calls to discuss insights and make recommendations for improvement

See how one of our clients executed this methodology in this case study.

             Tracking and Analyzing Sales Coaching


View a sample client pathway here:

Client Pathway