Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Education Sales Management from EcSell Institute

EcSell’s Academy is developed for those who want to learn new management process disciplines, the blocking and tackling of sales management, and acquire more education for sales management. This is an intense, hands-on, one day program.

EcSell Institute research shows that quality coaching from a sales manager is highly correlated to a rep’s motivation to perform at the highest level.  But, in spite of the importance of this critical skill, many sales managers have received little to no education on how to “process coach" and develop the skills of their team members.  EcSell Institute’s Sales Management Academy is specifically focused on developing the process coaching skills of front line sales managers so they are equipped to achieve their most important goal—exceeding their sales numbers!

This day-long program includes a series of workshop-like learning experiences that teach the fundamentals of good process coaching.  It begins with the creation of an effective coaching environment with an emphasis on continual developmental opportunities, rather than just training events.  It then covers best practices on how to create and execute specific coaching opportunities with reps.  The program uses a series of real world examples and hands-on learning experiences to ensure participants come away with tools, next level practices and strategies to begin improving their process coaching immediately.

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