Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Sales Manager Training

EcSell Membership: Growing sales is always the goal.  But, sales leaders need to realize that sales increases are a reflection of how well they coach their teams.

Achieving consistent, high performance begins and ends with sales leaders—not sales people.  As a result, EcSell equips its members, consisting only of sales leaders, with next practice coaching tools, disciplined coaching processes and proven coaching education as a means to increase performance. Maximizing and sustaining growth is not the result of a "silver bullet," but the result of doing many activities effectively. 



Members of EcSell Institute will receive numerous benefits, tools and techniques to create world class sales coaching teams.

Management is an essential component of performance which is why the 6 Pillars of Sales Management Productivity was created. By researching sales managers from across the U.S., the EcSell Institute has identified the most essential elements of sales management through this research. These six pillars identify sales methodology, professional development and talent.  They analyze and track performance which can then be used to create a comprehensive plan that rewards appropriate compensation and grows the strength of a company’s sales department.

What you can expect as a member of the EcSell Institute is the ability to grow sales for your sales team.  You can expect to have visibility into the effectiveness of your management team, improve your coaching skills and education, capture best practices and so much more. Being a leader is challenging and comes with expectations but we will provide you with the tools to equip you through any challenges you may face along the way.

With our Sales Manager Performance Plan we treat each of our members, not clients, 100% uniquely.  Our aim is to cater to your unique situation and team. Our membership paths are tailored to your organization because every sales leader and producer is different. Our membership path covers coaching effectiveness progress reports, monthly strategy sessions, sales coaching education and more.

If you want t learn more about our coaching methods then take a moment to read our Top 10 Sales Coaching FAQ’s.  These are questions we receive on a frequent basis and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

See what others have to say about our sales management training program and the impact it’s had on their sales teams. Don’t just take our word, take a look at theirs and see how investing in the EcSell Institute can be the biggest ROI you’ve ever made. 

That’s not all. The EcSell Institute has created the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud which is a cloud based system that allows sales managers to track coaching activity, measure effectiveness and house numerous coaching tools.  This is a resource that will allow executives to become better informed on what their managers and sales managers are doing to become better coaches.  It’s time to take that next step to provide sales management education with a cloud-based sales growth solution. There’s no other tool to provide better sales coaching than ONE-UP.