Nothing Impacts Performance More Than Coaching

Sales Performance Made Simple . . . Finally

Everything you need to know about how to build, maximize and sustain sales performance through effective coaching.

This eBook is designed for sales leaders who want and need to evolve in this ever-changing business world. It will detail why "managing" is an archaic approach and how coaching is the only way to maximize growth.


This eBook will help you:

  • Institute three key drivers to increase sales and performance.
  • Learn the difference between management, leadership and coaching.
  • Utilize a "catalytic coaching" approach to drive maximum sales results.
  • Understand the impact the existing role of the manager has on sales rep motivation.
  • Effectively coach and lead reps to improve skills and increase sales.
  • Drive efficient processes and consistent outputs.
  • Execute the 6 pillars of sales management productivity.

This book is NOT about adopting the latest leadership fad, employing the hottest sales technology, or utilizing new management methods. It IS about the research and science of high performance coaching.