We build Transformational COACHES

Athletic directors, club directors, and coaches can’t build successful teams with just a ball and talented student-athletes. They need a variety of tools, materials and plans. We have the building blocks that provide meaningful change beyond the court.




Go to the source. Using a web-based, anonymous survey platform, Ecsell Sports gathers data on the student-athlete experience from the best possible source: from the student-athletes themselves. The result is our Coaching Effect Survey Report. This easy to understand report provides both ADs and coaches with a treasure trove of insight on their student-athletes.



Growth is our game. Ecsell Learning provides your program with access to our learning platform—complete with video modules, short quizzes, and elite mindset guides. We have consistent and practical development tools like one-sheet downloads, team and individual exercises, and inspirational podcasts about the student-athlete experience.



Connect with your community. With Ecsell Learning you can share and discover the best tools within our sports community. Here you will find support mechanisms for continued professional growth. It’s your all-in-one development portal where you can continually improve the student-athlete experience.


Why use EcSell Sports?

Gain valuable insight from 150,000 interactions between coaches and student-athletes.

Athletic & Club Directors

If you’re searching for a way to give your coaches an edge, you will find it at Ecsell Sports. Our program develops high-performance coaches who, in turn, create a more positive student-athlete experience.


Coaches gain insight into their coaching style through the eyes of the student-athlete by seeing how they score across six themes: Connection, Psychological Safety, Structure, Skill Development, Communication and Challenge.


Ultimately, the student-athletes are the ones who stand to gain the most from Ecsell Sports’ experience and knowledge. They are why we do what we do.

Click below for more on our results and to read our new report, "state of the Student-Athlete experience"

On-Demand Elite Development

Your time is valuable.  That's why we've done the heavy lifting for you. Ecsell's Learning Platform is easy to implement, accessible on any device, and designed to help your program achieve its goals. Our Ecsell Learning Platform places the best developmental tools at your fingertips.



Performance is a mental exercise. Organized by theme, our easy-to-use learning plans, courses and modules help to foster personal growth in and out of the locker room.



Data shows that elite athletes spend a lot of time out of the locker room preparing for their sport. We have those resources. Our platform has individual and team exercises that help unlock your programs potential.



We place the best resources at your fingertips with our discover, coach, and share abilities. Updated content helps your program embrace the journey of continual improvement.


Transforming Themes

One of the greatest coaches of all time, Phil Jackson, has often said, “Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.” We believe the wisdom gained from our survey insights gives athletic directors and their coaches a competitive advantage that leads to a more positive student-athlete experience.

After surveying thousands of student-athletes, we know that elite coaches score high in six specific coaching themes. The ones with the highest scores are in the best position to provide an elite student-athlete experience. Ecsell Sports creates a roadmap for every coach, no matter where they are on their coaching development journey.

How a coach scores within these six themes – outlined in reports to athletic directors and coaches – becomes a playbook on how to improve year over year.

  • Connection
  • Psychological Safety
  • Structure
  • Skill Development
  • Communication
  • Challenge

What our members say about Ecsell Sports

Brad M

"As an AD, coaching coaches is one of the top responsibilities we have. Teaming up with Ecsell Sports provides multiple resources such as their professional library and the student-athlete survey. Taking time to listen to our student-athletes through authentic data collected has allowed us to improve methods in order to have a more positive impact on the student-athlete experience."

Brad M.

High School Athletic Director

Terri N

"Ecsell Sports is the first of its kind that has made me aware of my relational skills in coaching and how they impact my athletes and staff. Before Ecsell Sports, I was less aware of how my words and actions affected others. As I have grown with the support of Ecsell Sports, it's been reinforced to me that coaching is less about Xs and Os or winning and more about relationships. My coaching has been elevated to a new level of elite."

Terri N.

Head Volleyball Coach

Dr. Mitchell S.

"Our greatest priority in servant leadership is to create a culture that provides the best possible experience for our student-athletes. Our coaches and I are better leaders as a result of our continued partnership with Ecsell Sports. The Ecsell team have helped us quantify the degree to which we are impacting the student-athlete experience. We have seen clear improvements in our coach acumen since we have partnered with Ecsell Sports."

Dr. Mitchell S.

High School Athletic Director

We have a winning playbook

Athletic directors and coaches say they want a more positive student-athlete experience, and so do we.

That’s why we’ve devoted the past decade to forging the best tools for coaches to impact their student-athletes more positively. Now it’s time for coaches to put these tools to use.

Ready to help your coaches create a more positive Student-Athlete experience?