Giving athletic programs a competitive advantage

Ecsell Sports is in a unique position among the athletic directors with whom we work because we deliver playbooks filled with insight that come directly from the very student-athletes their coaches lead.

Three Step Process

STEP 1: Ask (the Right) Questions

Using our web-based, anonymous survey platform, student-athletes take a quick questionnaire so we can understand the existing dynamics of the coach’s:

  • Behavior
  • Impact on Players
  • Overall Effectiveness
STEP 2: Analyze Data

We compile the answers from the student-athlete surveys and use their feedback to help us determine the coach’s:

  • Strengths
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Theme score
STEP 3: Provide an online Plan

We take that data and custom-design recommendations for athletic directors to use as guides for their coaches who, in turn can apply that feedback to, build trust-based relationships and make a more positive impact on the student-athletes. We provide:

  • Confidential Feedback
  • Educational Plan of Action
  • Exclusive Online Resources

Why EcSell Sports

Great coaches create a more positive student-athlete experience. Athletic Directors know this. Parents see this. Student-athletes live this. And Ecsell Sports research affirms this.

We know how to coach-up coaches

Athletic directors and coaches say they want a more positive student-athlete experience, and so do we.

That’s why we’re devoted to forging the best tools for coaches to impact their student-athletes more positively. Now it’s time for coaches to put these tools to use.

Ready to help your coaches create a more positive Student-Athlete experience?