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Sales Leaders:

High performance should not be equated with hitting a sales goal, hitting goal is what sales managers get paid to do. Maximizing performance of a team, however, is the essence of a sales manager’s role—always keeping in mind what earns a check, but more importantly seeking “what could be”.

In Dallas, we will explore “what could be”.  As a result, sales leaders will learn:

  • The critical elements of successful sales teams
  • Why the wrong sales leader can kill everything
  • How to build an accountability sales culture
  • The five reasons why individuals and teams have a hard time adapting to change, and how to overcome this
  • Personal strategies to thrive in the midst of change
  • The seven sales leadership strategies to turn intentions into action
  • How to find and create the best sales coaching opportunities
  • What your top performing reps need that is different than the rest of the pack

This is hands-on learning with research based information, that when implemented will forever change the output of a sales team. Not a single person is too tenured, too wise or too busy to become more educated as to how to positively impact more lives on their team.  

Remember—the best asset a sales person can have is a great sales coach.  Learn how to be more than a manager!





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Previous Attendee Reviews


“Awesome” experience that I can incorporate into coaching my reps starting today!” 

Sheila Haddad, Bell Labs



“I normally do not give more than an above average rating for these types of trainings.  However, this one was so specific to my sales management job, that I truly believe the excellent rating was well deserved.”

Maureen Sweney, Identicard Systems, Brady Corp


“The purpose of the Summit is to recharge and refocus.  This Summit fulfilled both expectations.” 

Rich Steinberg, ProTeam