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Scott Bornstein Memory PowerScott Bornstein

Memory Power for Executives and Sales Professionals

Did you know that 50 percent of all we see and hear is gone within five minutes, two-thirds is lost before an hour is over, and by the next day, the figure is 90 percent.

 If this describes your memory for names & faces, client details, numbers, passwords, presentations, or the myriad to-dos in a business day, then worry no more.

Our kick-off session features Scott Bornstein, Chief Memory Training Expert to CEOs, executives, sales leaders, and professionals across 50 countries.

The systems Scott will teach you will, without question, impact your success and ability to lead effectively. Learn the science of memory and the 5 Laws of Memory Power & the 10-day rule to drive personal performance. Master Scott’s 6-Step MemoryPower Metric to align you and your teams productivity, professional development, account management, marketing and brand.

Whether it’s processes or sales advantages, new hires or new customers, closing deals or keeping commitments, master tools and solutions that will save you time, save your credibility, and most importantly, help close more sales.

Everyone who experiences Scott Bornstein walks away amazed and smarter, with newfound skills and a more powerful memory to improve relationships and bottom-line results.

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Tony Jeary  |  Jeary InternationalSpring_Summit_Tony_Jeary

Strategic Acceleration

Strategic Acceleration begins with clarity, focus and execution.  Are you getting the sales results you want, as fast as you want? Are you open minded and recognize the power of strategic clarity, extreme focus and accountable execution?

Let’s face it; top sales leaders want better, FASTER, RESULTS! We believe that most organizations and most sales leaders need to be more strategic, more focused and more intentional. In just a short time with Tony, you can forever change the way you think, operate and perform.  We enjoy taking the successful to the next level, often the Mastery Level.

Having a clear, solid, written, well thought out and cascaded sales vision, objectives and priorities gives you a strong advantage. It gives “Pulling Power.” Clarity is achieved when you know where YOU are in relationship to where you want to go. The gap between the two is where Focus must be applied.

Focus is achieved when the critical success factors needed to propel us across the gap are identified and understood. In other words, we are able to identify the main things (the HLAs / High Leverage Activities) that must be done to propel you across the gap and achieve the vision.  Tony will show how using the power of Leverage, you can execute more of your High Leverage Activities every day (and get rid of the distractions that were holding you back).

Clarity and Focus provide your plan of “what” and “how”, but when it’s time to get things done it’s all about actually “doing” it. This might sound simple, maybe even overly so, and yet  so many don’t have a proven ‘Accountability Strategy’ that ensures real Execution. Tony will share proven best practices with you!  Tony looks forward to propelling you toward getting RESULTS!

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                            Rochelle Carrington  |  Sandler TrainingRochelle Carrington

Truth and Lies About "Self Talk" and How It Affects Your Sales Coaching Success

Mom always said, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything  at all”. We take that advice to heart when speaking about others on our  team, but what about when we are talking to ourselves?  Learn the effects  positive self talk can have on your success as a sales leader and how to  change your paradigm of belief, gratitude and expectation to make yourself  mentally and emotionally tough—qualities that define great coaches.

You will learn:

  • Why your “beliefs” are the biggest roadblock to peak coaching performance
  • How to recognize negative self talk as it occurs
  • 6 steps to create a more positive mindset that ultimately impacts team performance
  • How to create intentional thinking to become a better sales leader

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Amar ShethAmar Sheth Sales For Life

How To Increase Your Sales Pipeline Through Social Media

The buying landscape has completely changed.  Buyers today have access to information like never before and this presents very unique challenges and opportunities for the B2B sales community.

Whereas before we were the gatekeepers of so much knowledge, today the tables have turned.  Buyers are prospecting us and internet and social media technologies is where they are headed to conduct due diligence and research about our companies, sales people, customers and opinions!

Are you ready for the social selling evolution? It’s happening before our eyes.  Slowly but surely, buyers are increasingly making decisions based on what they find and see online. 

Are your sales professionals prepared?

Amar Sheth is Principal & Chief Training Officer at Sales for Life, the world’s authority on social selling.  In his presentation he will be talking about the evolutionary shift that is rocking the B2B buying cycle.  More importantly, he will leave you with proven and actionable tactics that you can teach your sales teams.

Social selling is one of the most popular and emerging topics in the sales industry.  Learn to empower your sales teams and organizations with it.

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult.  It’s just different.

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Clinton LongeneckerDr. Clinton Longenecker University of Toledo

S.T.O.P.: The Power of Getting Superior Results by Slowing Down!

Are you busier than you would like to be? Do you find yourself constantly running trying to get caught up? Do your find your days being consumed by meetings, e-mails and activities that prevent you from getting your real work done? Is the organization that you work for asking you to do more with less? Do you look at your schedule and have a sense of being overwhelmed? If you answered "yes" to any of these important questions you probably need to make one of two choices: work even harder, longer and faster, and hope to get caught up, or develop a superior understanding of the power of learning how to slow down and S.T.O.P.

For the past two decades Dr. Clint Longenecker has been engaged in an applied research study to explore and understand the best practices of some of America's very best business and sales leaders, and how they achieve superior sustainable performance. In this session, we will explore the danger and damage caused when business professionals are constantly finding themselves being too busy. We will then explore the importance and power of learning how to make wise choices on a daily basis around your most important resources: your time, your energy, your habits, and your people.

This will be a dynamic, interactive, and serious developmental presentation designed to equip participants with a leadership tool-kit that will make a real difference in your ability to acheive superior results, facilitated by one of America's thought leaders in the area of acheiving high performance. 

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Chuck Smith  |  New HireChuck Smith

6 Steps to Hiring Sales Rock Stars 

All the great business books tell us that business success begins and ends with the people on your sales team. But how do you build that team? You need a successful, repeatable process for sourcing, screening and identifying top talent. Chuck Smith leverages his 25 years of recruiting experience to bring the latest information and techniques on how your company can build and maintain a competitive advantage in the War for Sales Talent. You will learn to:

  • Create objective criteria to identify your target talent
  • Define your employee value proposition
  • Brand your company’s recruiting effort
  • Quantify the cost of a mis-hire
  • Use social networking and other media to attract top talent
  • Reduce your cost-per-hire while improving the quality of your team

Value to Attendees:  The latest market information and best practices to improve your sales recruiting process. Attendees will receive valuable tools including worksheets that will help you define your company’s employee value proposition, improve your team’s recruitment process, establish accountability and measure performance results.

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Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan  |  Kurlan & Associates

The 4 Components to Sell Value Instead of Price

Sales Force Development Expert Dave Kurlan will discuss the best practices to help you understand what is required to successfully sell value instead of price.  Whether you are building, creating, or making tweaks to an existing sales force, you'll want to hear how each of these components impacts a sales force’s ability to sell value.

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Sales DNA
  • Sales Process

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Chris Mott

Chris Mott Kurlan & Associates

When Does Sales DNA Lead to Sales Hiring Mistakes?

Sales DNA describes a salesperson’s underlying strengths and weaknesses. Using athletic traits as an analogy, they are comparable to good hand-eye coordination, quickness off the line, acceleration, and balance.

A salesperson’s Buy Cycle (how a salesperson purchases), the time it takes for them to Recover From Rejection, and whether they Get Emotionally Involved when selling can significantly influence selling behavior and outcomes. 

Sales candidates either can sell or will sell. The challenge is selecting the ones who will. Effective sales recruiting requires science, the right process, patience, and excellent interviewing skills. Unfortunately, many companies don’t approach sales recruiting holistically.  The most common, first mistake comes in identifying what they’re seeking.

Science is critical to consistently hiring “Will Sell” salespeople. Recent data from the Objective Management Group sales candidate assessment and sales force evaluation identifies the following:

  • 90% Have Unsustainable Pipelines,
  • 83% Lack Written Personal Goals,
  • 60% Make Excuses,
  • 55% Lack Urgency,
  • 45% Are Not Self-Starters, and
  • 21% Have Consultative Selling Attributes.

Because prospects are more knowledgeable (due to the internet), increasingly skeptical, and empirically proven to contact salespeople much later in their buying process, hiring managers absolutely must identify a salesperson’s DNA and skill gaps very early in the recruiting process. 

On Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment Dashboard, Sales DNA is reported as a percentage.  The difficulty of the sales position drives what the minimum required score is for Sales DNA. The candidate’s Sales DNA must correlates with the specific sales role for which they are best equipped.  For instance, salespeople who must hunt require very different attributes to be successful than those who will manage accounts. 

Great data and science create a foundation for successful recruiting. A best practices, sales-specific, recruiting process, combined with practiced, honed interviewing skills, will increase your percentage of “Will Sell” salespeople.

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