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Based on the research of over 100,000 workplace coaching interactions, “The Coaching Effect” will help leaders at all levels understand the necessity of challenging people out of their comfort zone and create a high-growth organization. Leaders will learn how they can develop trust relationships, drive accountability, and leverage growth experiences to propel their team members to the highest levels of success.

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Whether you want to further dig into The Coaching Effect on your own or introduce it to your entire team, this book study will help you better understand and apply the concepts and best practices introduced in the book to your work. 

  • First, purchase the The Coaching Effect book. 
  • Second, download the book study at no cost.
  • Third, use the guide to structure your personal/group discussion. 

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The Growth Rings
In Chapter 1

Get an even deeper understanding on how The Growth Rings pertain to business and your role as a leader, manager or boss. 

In Chapter 3

Learn how a leader's coaching quantity and quality can be measured and how they affect team performance and bottom line revenue. 

In Chapters 4-7

Get practical, how to information on becoming a high performing leader by following the four high payoff coaching activities. 

In the Conclusion

Find out how the most effective, high growth organizations are putting "The Coaching Effect" into action and seeing consistent sales growth year after year. 

Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth


Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth have spent a decade researching the activities, behaviors, and performance of leaders. After studying more than 100,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, primarily of sales teams, they have been able to determine how coaching affects team outcomes and growth. Learn more about Bill here and Sarah here

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Available on Amazon