12th Annual

The Coaching Effect Summit

October 27 - 28, 2020 // Check in Later for Next Year's Dates
Thank you for joining us at the 2020 online Summit. We look forward to seeing you in 2021. 



Performance Coach & Founder of Live Yes And!

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Top Inclusion Expert & Founder of TMI Consulting

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Leading Expert in Organizational Behavior & Founder of Bailey Strategic Innovation

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Bill Eckstrom

World's Foremost Authority in Metric-Based Performance Coaching & Growth

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The Coaching Effect Summit

About the Event

What is the Coaching Effect Summit?

The Coaching Effect Summit was created for executives, coaches, teachers, and leaders who refuse to be average. Our dynamic sessions will guide you as we strip away the archaic leadership techniques you’ve been taught, and set you up with the tools you need to forge ahead as a truly high-performing leader. World-renowned speakers will challenge your thinking in areas such as psychology, diversity, team performance, culture, and more in a series of virtual sessions across two days.

The EcSell Institute team will be with you each step of the way to ensure what you’re learning becomes a catalyst for professional and personal change. You will leave with a clear understanding of what sets the highest-performing leaders apart, an effective plan for how to become one, and a network of other high-caliber leaders to continue your journey alongside you.

So it's a virtual conference? What makes it unique?

Conferences can be great developmental opportunities, but they are often filled with motivational “fluff.” How many times have you heard an impactful speaker that made you feel starry-eyed, just to forget their message the next day? Your life, as a result, stays the same.

EcSell Institute is a research organization, which means we don’t allow motivational fluff. Our programming is designed to catapult your professional and personal life into a season of change. The knowledge and inspiration you will glean from our speakers will deeply affect your journey - not just today, not this week, but for years to come. This is The Coaching Effect.

Who Should Attend?
Any leader, from any industry or company size, who is responsible for leading, coaching, or managing a team to perform at a higher level.
What is the ROI?

The ability for leaders to learn how to become a better coach for those on their teams has never been more critical to an organization's bottom line. EcSell Institute research shows that the top 20% of coaches bring in $4.3million more per leader per year than the bottom 80%.

Leaders who play a demotivating role within their organization lead teams that perform 9% lower than coaches who are highly effective at motivating their teams, equaling a $2.1million decrease per leader per year.

Your Summit Hosts

Bill Round 140px

Bill Eckstrom, CEO of EcSell Institute & Co-Author of The Coaching Effect

Bill Eckstrom is the world's foremost authority in metric-based coaching and growth. He founded EcSell Institute in 2008 to help executive leaders, managers, athletic coaches, teachers, and more to master how coaching done correctly is the #1 enhancer of performance. After his TEDx Talk quickly amassed over 3 million views, it became clear that the world was eager to understand growth and performance through Bill’s eyes. His vast experience of turning subpar leaders into elite coaches will help you understand why measuring performance at the leadership level is critical to growth at the individual, team, and organizational level.

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Sarah Wirth, President of EcSell Institute & Co-Author of The Coaching Effect

When Sarah brings her well-versed expertise in coaching and leadership, she delights in using research as much as she as does her sharp wit. Knowledge and demeanor make Sarah a sought-after instructor - she has over 20 years of experience in employee assessment, leadership development, and executive coaching. She has presented to executives from across the globe with organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, Ritz Carlton, Cheesecake Factory and many more. Sarah will make you feel not just inspired, but fully equipped, to create impactful and lasting change within your teams.

Check out the agenda for the 2020 online summit:
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The Breakouts

About the coaching Effect

Based on the research of over 100,000 workplace coaching interactions, The Coaching Effect helps leaders at all levels understand the necessity of challenging people out of their comfort zone in order to create a high-growth organization. Leaders will learn how they can develop trust relationships, drive accountability, and leverage growth experiences to propel their team members to the highest levels of success. The Coaching Effect book is an auxiliary resource for leaders enrolled in The Coaching Effect Academy to continue honing their indispensable coaching skills.

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Leaders turned coaches

 “I felt that I got the value for my time and financial investment by noon on day one.  There were solid strategies given that were simple to understand and implement - all information was geared toward our end goal of driving sales performance and achieving results!”
Debbie M.
Director of Field Sales
"Honestly, I was a wet rag by the end of the program. You guys educated but more importantly you challenged and inspired. I am a better person for having spent time with you. Thank you so very much! I will be back!"
Jim P.
EVP Sales & Service
"This event is inspiring, engaging and personal. The theme was well established throughout all of the presentations. I honestly learned so much that I will be putting to meaningful use. Also, the EcSell team was all fabulous - prepared, welcoming, available. There was a sense of camaraderie from the get-go."
Betsy V.
Director Account Management

Past Keynote Speakers

Michelle Gielan

National CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher

John Rood

Global SVP of Marketing for Disney Channel Worldwide

Stephanie Chung

President of JetSuite and neuroscience selling expert

Kayla Montgomery

Long distance runner from E:60's feature "Catching Kayla"

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