- 12th ANNUAL -

Coaching Effect Summit

April 20 - 22, 2020 I The Royal Sonesta I New Orleans

About the event

The Coaching Effect Summit

This annual event is a career boosting, professional growth opportunity that every leader, manager or coach should attend. Renowned, mind-stretching instructors will challenge the way you lead and coach to achieve the highest performance levels.

Attendees will take part in keynotes, breakout sessions, hands-on learning with research-based information, networking, and fun - all designed to educate and train on the latest performance strategies and tools.

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What to Expect

Attending an EcSell Institute coaching event will not only give attendees a fresh, new approach on coaching, but also actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately to reach peak performance levels and increased sales. 

Who should attend this event?

Anyone, from any industry/company size, who is responsible for leading, coaching or managing a team to perform at a higher level should attend this event. 

The ROI of This Event

The ability for managers and leaders to learn how to become a better coach for those on their teams has never been more critical to an organization's bottom line: 

  • The top 20% of coaches bring in $4.3 million more per manager ever year than the bottom 80%. 
  • Managers who play a demotivating role within their organization led teams that perform 9% lower, equaling a $2.1 million decrease, than sales managers who are highly effective at motivating their reps.
  • Leaders who spend only 2 hours of coaching per month per rep achieve 90% of sales goal. Those who spend more than 3 average 107% of goal. 
What can attendees expect to learn?

World-renowned speakers will present on data and research-based topics in areas such as psychology, team performance, development, and so much more. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how top performers become top performers and how to take the proper steps to become one too.


Our attendees are a diverse group of leaders from across the world who regularly attend year after year. 

 “I felt that I got the value for my time and financial investment by noon on day one.  There were solid strategies given that were simple to understand and implement - all information was geared toward our end goal of driving performance and achieving results!”

Debbie M.
Director of Field Sales
"Honestly, I was a wet rag by the end of the program. You guys educated but more importantly you challenged and inspired. I am a better person for having spent time with you. Thank you so very much! I will be back!"
Jim P.
EVP Sales & Service

"This event is inspiring, engaging and personal. The theme was well established throughout all of the presentations. I honestly learned so much that I will be putting to meaningful use. Also, the EcSell team was all fabulous - prepared, welcoming, available. There was a sense of camaraderie from the get-go."

Betsy V.
Director Account Management


"A breath of fresh air to be trained to self improve and not just focus on sales/numbers/close. We can't be successful sales leaders without growth and improved coaching ability for our teams."

Shawn F.
Regional Sales Manager

"I really liked the actionable items that came out of the Summit presentations and was able to take something away from almost every presentation. It was a very profound experience and enjoyed meeting people who have the same management issues I do. I really look forward to coming again!"

Kristi A.
Director of Global Customer Solutions & Support


"Connecting with other sales leaders and having time to think about our business, and not operate in it, were two highlights of this event for me."

Nick B.
Branch Manager

Previous Speakers 

John Rood

SVP of Marketing at Disney Channel Worldwide

Stephanie Chung

President of JetSuite and Neuroscience Selling Expert

Bill Eckstrom

Metric Based Performance Expert, Viral TEDx Talk Presenter

Michelle Gielan

National CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher

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