The COVID-19 Insight Survey 

Over 1,300 survey responses have been collected in order to help leaders and companies better understand their employees' challenges, needs, and circumstances. 

This short web-based survey has 12 questions and can be completed in just 2 minutes at no cost. 

The survey delivers feedback in 3 key areas:

  1. Individual Performance – How the pandemic is affecting team members’ work and productivity
  2. Management Action – How well managers are adjusting their actions to better lead and support their teams
  3. Organizational Confidence – How effectively company leadership is planning, communicating and guiding the organization

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Of Team Members

Are not confident that they will achieve their performance expectations this fiscal year.


Of Managers

Have recently demonstrated they care about their team members. 


Of Team Members

Are worried about the impact of COVID-19 will have on the company.

What to Expect

This survey provides your company with candid feedback on how the global pandemic is impacting your team members, their ability to work effectively and your leadership of them. After your team completes this survey, you can expect a report with an understanding of your employees' challenges and needs to better equip you to lead in the uncertain days ahead. 

COVID-19 Insight Survey
COVID-19 Insight Survey

How to Get Your Insights 

  1. Submit the form above to receive your personalized link within 12-24 hours. 
  2. Send the link to individuals, teams, and managers to complete the 12-question survey.
  3. Receive a report with insights based on your company's answers and resources to take action immediately. 
Optional: Set up a time with our research and development team to guide you through your results.