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"Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life" 

Only in a state of discomfort do teams continually grow, and nobody has greater control over that growth than the "coach", otherwise referred to as a manager.  And as a result of our on-going research, coupled with a passion for continual growth, EcSell knows how critical it is to inject “complexity” into our client work so growth is maximized and sustained. Through our unique coaching process, organizations can now quantify managerial performance knowing that coaching is no longer a soft skill.

The best managers have high Catalytic Factor (C-Factor) scores. Learn how EcSell can measure, detect and bring insight into who these high performing coaches are. 

C-Factor Coaches
The most growth happens in a state of complexity. 

Elite managers are injecting complexity, or what we like to call a Catalytic Factor (C-Factor), within EcSell's coaching process designed specifically for the coach, or manager. 

Click here to see what happened to an organization who chose to inject complexity instead of remaining in order. 

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The first Growth Ring represents a low performing, or negative growth environment. It is understood by needing to follow too many steps, permissions and minutia that stifle creativity, independent thought or action. 

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Next to Stagnation is the most desirable environment, Order. Order is knowing what you do or what is happening in your environment leads to a predictable outcome, and predictability is what brings you comfort. But comfort, is what makes Order so dangerous. 

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Complexity is nothing more than changed Order, but when Order is changed outcomes are now unpredictable, and it is unpredictability that makes you uncomfortable. This discomfort can lead to sustained or exponential growth - especially when done properly by managers.  

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The last ring, Chaos, is being in a state of zero to no control of the inputs or outputs, otherwise thought of as being out of control or pure insanity. Almost no growth or development happens in this state of severe turmoil.  

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