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The Unusual Effect of a coaching score

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The Unusual Effect of a Coaching Score

Learn how a 1% increase in a manager's coaching score can drive a $500,000 difference.


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In this white paper, we will discuss how understanding how well sales leaders coach and lead their teams has a direct impact on the sales performance of their team members. We describe the The Coaching Effect survey that we have developed specifically to capture and quantify how well a sales manager executes their sales coaching functions.
In this white paper we will also demonstrate how sales leaders are missing this key metric in achieving sales goal attainment and provide estimates to this oversight in terms of sales dollars.
We use data gathered by the EcSell Institute as part of The Coaching Effect survey to explore the quality, or how well, sales managers lead their team members.
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About the author

Stacia Jorgensen brings an array of experiences and invaluable expertise in data collection, analysis, and research reporting to the EcSell Institute as the Director of Research. Prior to moving into her role with EcSell, Stacia led a non-profit academic research organization for nearly 13 years. She has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies.